Medical Simulation

The field of medical simulation is very broad an can be roughly divided into the following applications:

  • Medical Devices for Treatment
  • Medical Research Equipment
  • Medical Training Systems
  • Medical Diagnostic Systems

Vectioneer can offer modeling and simulation expertise in all of the above areas.

The use of Simulation Systems and Serious Games in Treatment is rapidly growing. By using techniques found in Training Simulators (such a Flight Simulators) patients can exercise in a safe, interactive and fun environment. This way the treatment can be made much more effective; specific areas of the patients body or mind can be targeted or avoided, the patient’s progress can be monitored and a model of the patient can be derived. By using Serious Games the patient’s correct behavior can be immediately rewarded (e.g. trough Experience Points), which increases their motivation considerably.

Specialized devices are used in Medical Research to obtain data about human physiology and psychology. Simulation equipment can stimulate the senses of subjects and measure the subject’s responses; visual display systems stimulate the visual system, motion systems stimulate the vestibular, proprioceptive and somatosensory system, haptic devices can load different body parts and then there is also of course sound, smell and taste.

In Medical Training, Simulation is used to provide a realistic environment to practice medical procedures. This can be a computer simulation or Serious Game to explain certain procedures or a physical device that resembles the real instrument, such as a simulator for a surgical robot. Also in this application accuracy of the models and the training device is important and needs to be validated.

Serious Games are also used more and more in the assessment of medical problems and identifying root causes. In a game (or simulation) different scenarios can be played and responses of patients can be measured. Based on the measured data an assessment can be made of the medical condition (mental or physical) of the subject.

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