MOTORCORTEX Control System

MotorCortex is Vectioneer’s High-End Hard-Realtime Control System. We offer the performance of a high-end PC based control system on PLC (or PC) hardware. Our control system is written in C/C++ and compatible with Beckhoff industrial Embedded PC targets as well as other embedded platforms like ARM-based Systems.

We offer our control system as a turn-key solution for your Drive & Control application. We support Hydraulic and Electric drives and actuators. For Industrial, Aerospace, High-Tech/Semicon and Offshore Applications.

The Vectioneer control framework has the following features:

  • Hard-realtime, high resolution timers
  • Parameter database that provides an interface to other applications (also over the network)
  • Motion Control (Hydraulic, Electric)
  • Support for a wide variety of indutrial busses (EtherCAT, CAN, Profibus, Profinet, SERCOS)
  • Support for a wide variety of I/O devices
  • Parallel Kinematics (Forward and inverse)
  • Serial Kinematics (Forward and inverse)
  • Support for MATLAB/Simulink integration (MotorCortex can be used as a Matlab/Simulink Coder target)
  • ROS Industrial support
  • An open API for web-based or native (C++, Python and Javascript) user interfaces
  • Fully web-based GUI
  • Measurement suite
  • interactive real-time 3D system visualisation

Vectioneer offers the following standard control system applications:

  • MotorCortex FlightSim (for flight simulators (fixed-wing or helicopter))
  • MotorCortex DrivingSim (automotive simulators)
  • MotorCortex Serial Robotics (for (serial) industrial robots)
  • MotorCortex Parallel Robotics (generic control for parallel motion systems)
Vectioneer-TP-Concept-04-07 MOTORCORTEX Web-based GUI plots Measurement and plot tools