Meet our new product: Control Loading System Linkage for a Helicopter Flight Simulator

We have recently developed, maufactured and delivered Control Loading System (CLS) Linkages for use in a Helicopter Flight Simulator. The linkages have been designed to meet specific needs of the customer, to mimic the functionality and the looks of the original Helicopter Linkages. They are stiff and light-weight and designed for a maximum Push-Pull load of 4 kN.

Vectioneer Control Loading Linkage

Control Loading System Linkages in a Flight Simulator are used to link the Pilot Controls, like Sticks and Pedals to the Control Loading Actuators, that simulate the control forces generated by the Aircraft Dynamics. The mechanism in general is very complex with multiple push-pull rods interconnected through levers and cranks.

The linkages can be produced with any type of Metric, UN or exotic Threaded Connections, Male or Female, to interface to the original controls mechanisms.
The standard Linkages are produced from high-tensile strength aluminium, but optionally carbon-fiber tubing can be used to save even more weight. This is made possible due to the special glueing technique that we have developed and tested. We have used the testing facilities at our Campus location of the RWTH University in Aachen, Germany, to test the design and the manufacturing procedure. The maximum tensile strength actually could not been determined, because the bolts that we used to hook the rods into the test-bench yielded before any part of the linkage itself showed any sign of give. The test was stopped at a tensile force of 14 kN!

Testing the tensile strength of the linkage prototype

We will post more images of the Linkages soon, after they have been integrated into the Helicopter Flight Simulator by our customer.

If you would like to know more about Control Loading Linkages for your application, please contact us.

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