Concept study for multiple Kinect setup

For one of its customers Vectioneer has performed a concept study for a Serious Game using multiple Kinect Sensors. With the current prototype setup it is possible to use an array of Kinect Sensors to monitor an arbitrary large playing area.
The Microsoft Kinect Sensor is a low-cost 3D imaging device, developed for the Microsoft X-Box360 game console that allows for the evlopment of controller-less games. The Kinect’s 3D images can be interpreted by a number of free and commercially available software toolkits, that provide gesture recognition and skeleton tracking for one or more players in view.

The study that Vectioneer performed was aimed at using the Kinect as an evaluation device for physical games, without having the user constantly look at a representation of him-/herself (his/her avatar). The Kinect device is therefore not being used as a controller but as a valuation or scoring tool. The players have to perform a specific task in the playing field while the Kinect is providing feedback on their performance (such as speed, accuracy, posture). The lack of a graphic user interface to the player makes the game feel much more natural and avoids that the player constantly needs to perform the mental transform that is involved by watching your own avatar on a screen. It was also investigated if the Kinect sensors can be used for object tracking in combination with skeleton tracking.

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