Preview of our super-fast Robot Web-based GUI Toolkit

Last year Vectioneer developed and deployed a brand-new control framework for a high-performance robotic system. The user interface for this project was developed in Python 3.0 using pyside. This was great for getting results fast (within our customer’s deadline) and end up with a usable Touch-screen User Interface. However, this was just the first step…

Now we are implementing the first round of major feature improvements. One of which is to move to a High-Performance Web-based GUI, that allows to connect to the control system from any device. We are using the latest communication technologies to update data in the browser at blazing fast speeds to be able to view control system data in real-time. Below you will find a quick preview of what we are working on.

Vectioneer Web-based Control System GUI Widgets – test from Vectioneer on Vimeo.

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