About Us

Vectioneer is a Technical Business Consultancy Firm that focuses its business on the High-Tech Industry; e.g. Aerospace and Automotive, Technical Research, Mechatronics, Medical Engineering and Renewable Energy. Our network of highly skilled professionals can help your Business, Institute or University in realizing innovative and complex engineering projects. Vectioneer has extensive expertise in Technical Business Consultancy, Project Management, System Engineering, Design Engineering, Drive & Control Systems, Simulation Systems and Mechatronics.

We love our work because we have a passion for technology and we take pride in our customer’s success. The essence of our business is that we are flexible; doing what is necessary to achieve what our customers expect from us, and more.

Vectioneer was founded by Philippe Piatkiewitz in june 2010. After a long career at Bosch Rexroth System & Engineering where he worked on Drive & Control Technology in general and Motion Sytems for Flight and Driving Simulators in particular he decided it was time to broaden his horizon. Piatkiewitz has the rare capability to combine in-depth technical knowledge with commercial experience and common business sense. This combination is in particular useful when working on innovation, where technological and commercial feasibility are equally important.